Dwarf Racial Traits

Physical Description

Dwarves are shorter than humans, averaging between 4’ and 4’6" in height. Dwarves tend towards thin, wiry builds. Skin color ranges from a light tan to a medium brown, and eye color is usually brown or hazel, although some individuals have grey eyes. Male dwarves tend to be clean-shaven, although members of the warrior caste often wear lambchop sideburns. Female dwarves prefer to wear their hair long, often in intricate braids or unique styles.


Dwarven society is based on a non-hierarchical caste system. There are five castes, named for their original functions:

  • Warrior caste
  • Priestly caste
  • Merchant caste
  • Peasant caste
  • Artisan caste

Caste membership is not rigid, so a member of the Warrior caste could, for example, marry into the Priestly caste, or vice versa. Leaders from each of the castes form a ruling council, and elect a ruler for life from among the heads of the great houses.

Dwarven society is orderly, but relatively egalitarian, and leaders are as likely to come from the Peasant caste as from the Warrior caste. Males and females are pretty evenly represented at all levels of society, as dwarves have long considered sexual equality to be essential to its functioning.



Because there are no half-elf governments, dwarves tend to treat half-elves with neither favor nor disdain.


Half-dwarves are generally treated fairly in dwarven society, and very little prejudice against them exists, and only then among the most conservative elements. Most houses have families with half-dwarf members, and they can be seen participating in all castes and professions.


The dwarven pantheon consists of two major divinities and six minor divinities. The major divinities, _____________, goddess of the earth, and ____________, god of the sky, represent most of the normal day-to-day worship. The minor divinities, _____________, Judge of the dead, _____________, Goddess of growing things, ______________, Mistress of artistry, _____________, Lord of war, _______________, the Trademaster, and ________________, the Queen of love



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